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Original review: Rating: 3.5/5 - 16 Feb-18 FebTrigger warnings: violence of death, self harm scarsI really wasnt sure whilst I was reading K: Memory of Red if I liked it or not. At first, I was very confused by what was going on, I didnt understand which character was which and the plot seemed to jump around quite a bit. I wondered that it might be down to me reading the K series in the wrong order, but around chapter 3, I started to understand more. The characters are quite deep, not as much as Id like to see, but deep all the same. The plot line seems to be non existent at this point, seeming to be a new plot every chapter. The art work is quite good, but not the best Ive seen either.Honestly, this manga reminded me of 文豪ストレイドッグス 1 Bungō Stray Dogs 1 quite a lot, and I would recommend that over K: Memory of Red, however, I wouldnt not recommend this book. Its not that bad, but its not amazing either.Im unsure on this manga, in all honesty, and Im hoping the second volume picks up. I would recommend this more for people that are newer to reading manga, as the plot seems quite weak after youve read a lot of really amazing manga, but again, this manga isnt bad. I cant quite give an opinion, and I think this is one of those manga that you have to read yourself and see how you like it.Re read for Manga a Month - re-review - 4/5 - 2 MarchNow that Ive read this series before, it was really enjoyable to sit and read this again without the confusion I had when reading it for the first time. I was able to step back and appreciate the characters more, and realise just how deep they are. They all have beautiful personalities, ones that shine through and some that I see within my friends every day. Homra is a stunning organisation, and its written and drawn really well.The plot is more understandable now. There is one running plot that doesnt show up much - within the first chapter, anyway - but each chapter focuses on one thing, and it all wraps up near the end towards the actual plot. This is why I knocked a star off of 5 stars. Its very hard to remember the plot of the manga, even though Ive read it before and know exactly where this is heading. In fact, its hard to see where this manga will head, having read it or not. This volume wraps up neatly, without any cliffhangers and could easily be read as just one volume for the manga. Even so, I loved re-visiting this and I cant wait to re-read the rest of the series!

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